8/2021 An overview of what we work on at the Avasthi Lab at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
7/2021 Prachee joined Richard Sever (bioRxiv Co-Founder at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory) and Leonid Kruglyak (Chair of the Department of Human Genetics, UCLA) to discuss how arXiv inspired bioRxiv and the spread of preprints in the life sciences
3/10/21 Prachee’s Departmental Seminar (virtual) for BBS-CDB-GGD at UC Berkeley
4/2021 Prachee joined Lizzie Chung on her podcast Doc Talk with Liz to talk Cell Biology
6/2020 Prachee joins Olivia S. Rissland (University of Colorado School of Medicine) and Jon Lorsch (Director, NIGMS) for a webinar on Starting Your Own Lab. This is part of a webinar series from the NIGMS Training Community
3/21/19 Prachee was an instructor for “Let’s Experiment,” an iBiology career development course. This live Q&A was an accompaniment to the course and based on Prachee’s blog post An iBiology live Q&A with Prachee on prioritizing experiments.