Most of our lab is headed to the American Society for Cell Biology annual meeting in DC in a few weeks! Below is a rundown of where you can find us. Please do come by and connect with us at the meeting via Twitter!


POSTER: P162/B167 Conventional actin is required for sensing deciliation or initial execution of the ciliary re-assembly program post-deciliation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. – N. E. Rosenthal, P. Avasthi (find Nick on Twitter @nickrosenthal7)

POSTER: P173/B178 Mechanistic insight into ciliary signaling regulation through MAP kinases. – L. L. Dougherty, S. Dutta, P. Avasthi (find Larissa on Twitter @L_L_Dougherty

SESSION: 4:15pm-6:50pm. Rm 207B. Higher order cytoskeletal structures minisymposium chaired by Prachee & Jessica Feldman (find Prachee on Twitter @PracheeAC)

TALK: 5:35pm Rm 207B. Higher order cytoskeletal structures session. Arp2/3-mediated branched actin networks play a role in ciliary assembly and maintenance in Chlamydomonas. – B. M. Bigge, P . Avasthi (find Brae on Twitter @biggebrae)


POSTER: P957/B79 Arp2/3 nucleates conventional and divergent actin networks in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. – B. M. Bigge, D . Sept, C . Schroeder, P . Avasthi (find Brae on Twitter @biggebrae)

POSTER: P972/B94 Novel actin ring structure in vegetative Clamydomonas cells plays potential role in nuclear integrity. – A. Salberg, B . M . Bigge, E . Craig, P . Avasthi (find Abigail on Twitter @abigail_salberg)

TALK: 4:35pm. Rm 145A. Subgroup V: Redrawing the Cellular Map: Cytoskeletal Forces, Organelles, and the Crossroads. Co-expressed Actins Regulate Biogenesis of the Microtubule-based Cilium via Intracellular Trafficking and Organelle Gating . – B . Jack, B . M . Bigge, N . E . Rosenthal, P. Avasthi (find Prachee on Twitter @PracheeAC)

PANEL: 7:00pm-8:30pm. Rm 140AB. The Art of Self-Advocacy: A Panel and Networking Reception. Prachee, panelist. (find Prachee on Twitter @PracheeAC)


POSTER: P1842/B81 Assembly of divergent actin rings in Chlamydomonas is both formin and Arp2/3 dependent but myosin independent. – D. B. Turkowitch, B . M . Bigge, P . Avasthi (find Dave on Twitter at @DTurkowitch)

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